These images  are prints in the traditional sense
although produced with 21st Century technology. I
scan my hand cut color
separations(stencils),drawings,photos and paintings,
into the computer. In Photoshop CS6, I develop the
multiple scans and adjustment layers into a final
image. I print the image on my large format Epson
7890 printer using archival inks. I use a quality 100%
rag paper and  feed the heavy weight paper into the
printer one print at a time.
I am using the computer tools in the process as a part
of the art, not solely as a mechanical means to copy
an image.
Limited Edition Prints on Paper.
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Matted prints will be sent with additional backing to prevent bending of
the mat.

  • Mats and backing boards are neutral ph.
  • Acid free framers tape adheres the print.  
  • Mats are a standard frame size.
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"Juvenile Green Heron, Luring Fish"
Edition: 40
Image size: 16.5" W x 22.5" H
Mat size: 24" W x 30" H     Ivory
Price: $150
"Otters in Winter"
Edition: 30
Image size: 18.75" W x 14.75" H
Mat size: 24" W X 20" H     Ivory
Price: $110
"A Chorus of Yellow Lady Slippers"
Edition: 40
Image size: 19" W x 15" H
Mat size: 24" W x 20" H      Ivory
Price: $110.
"The Triumvirate of Northern Leopard Frogs"
Edition: 20
Image size: 19" W x 15" H
Mat size: 24" W x 20" H     Ivory.
Price: $110.
"The Uncommonly Beautiful Common Grackle"
Edition: 20
Image size: 19" W x 15" H
Mat size: 24" W X 20" H      Ivory
Price: $110.
Edition: 50
Image size: 15" W X 19" H
Mat size: 20" W X 24" H    Ivory
Price: $110.
"Bye Bye

Edition: 25
Image size:
10" W  x 16 H
Mat size:
18" W  x 24" H
Price: $90.
"Lily Pads"

Edition: 30
Image size:
10" W x 16" H
Mat size:
18" W x 24" H
Price: $90.
"American Redstart"
Edition: 25
Image size: 16" W x 10" H
Mat size: 24" W x 18" H    Ivory
Price: $90.
"Snowy Owl"
Edition: 50
Image size: 10" W x 13.75" H
Mat size:  16" W x 20" H    Ivory
Price: $75.
"Bullhead Lily and Frog"
Edition: 25
Image: 10" W x 14" H
Mat: 16" W x 20" H       Ivory
Price: $75.
"The Toad at the Gate, Waits"
Edition: 25
Image :10" W  x 14" H
Mat size: 16"W  x 20" H    Ivory
Price: $75.
"Juvenile Green Heron Fishing"
Edition: 20
Image Size: 19" W x 15" H
Mat size: 24" W x 20" H    Ivory
Price: $110.
Edition sold out
Pat Custer Denison  4240 Cooper Road  Honor, MI  49640   phone: 231.882.9133   CONTACT

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Edition: 30
Image size: 17.5"  x  22.75"
Mat:  24"  x 30 "    Ivory          
Price: $160.
Edtion: 25
Image size:  28" x 20"
Mat size: 40" w x 30" h   Ivory
Price:   $240.
Edition: 25
Image Size ; 28.5 " x 20.5"
Mat size:  40" x 30"   Ivory
Price: $240.
PAT is extremely pleased to
announce her print "Juvenile Green
Heron, Fishing" was chosen by artist
Jim Dine to be included in the Boston
Printmakers National Biennial print
show 2011.
I am very pleased to announce that my print
"Wood Tutrle" has been chosen to be included in
the upcoming international printshow..the Boston
Printmakers 2013 North American Print Biennial"