These one-of-a-kind ceramic tile paintings incorporate hand painted, kiln fired tiles framed with unique carved,
painted wood frames, and, in many pieces, found objects. They are for indoor use only.
4240 Cooper Road
Honor, MI 49640
"Tea and Raspberries"
39"w x 49"h
At the Michigan Artists Gallery, Traverse
"Apples in the Orchard"
37" w x 41" h
Temporarily unavailable.
"Painting from Life"
26" w x 38" h  
"Mother Earth on a Turtle"
30" w x 52" h
"Still Life with Red Chair"
36" w x 42" h
$1800. SOLD
"Still Life with Ed's Vase"
24" w x 42" h
An homage to potter Ed
Pat Custer Denison, Denison Tiles Art Studio, 4240 Cooper Road, Honor, MI 49640 1.231.882.9133
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36" W x 65" H
"Bird Eating Pollen"
53" w x 45" h
"Tea Beside the Zuider Zee"
40" w x 38" H
I have been having too much fun with watercolor in 2015 and
have not done new tile paintings (except for a grand
cupboard/sculpture piece).

Yes, I will be doing more tile paintings in the future.
WHEN???? I can't predict. Sometime. I have my list  of ideas
and sketches. I am not "blocked" , just working on digital art
and watercolors(very time consuming).
Please see my new watercolor page...
"BIG MAMA NATURE"     $7,800.

Larger than life-sized freestanding, very
sturdy functional cupboard/sculpture. This
is assembled from wood, found
objects(glass and brass). The door is
hand painted and fired ceramic tiles.

Please see "Big Mama" at the new Michigan
Artists Gallery on Front Street, traverse
City, MI.