Do you and Chip have other
NO. Please buy something.
"I like doing my own
work, in my own way,
in my lovely,
organized, QUIET,
studio. I don't enjoy
managing other
people or trying to
market more work to
pay employees. Simple
and quiet works for
"SHHH....Please do not let the fates hear,   
but ,
I know.  "

If you sell everything
you make, why not
have employees and
make more money?
"I  look around my house, my yard, my life
and something catches my eye.
Ideas are like pebbles on the beach. Some
just call out to be picked up and handled.
    You live on a small lake with the  Sleeping Bear
    Dunes National Lakeshore abutting your
    property. You make a living with your art, you
    are still married (happily) to your high school
Do you live Up North year round?
    Do you work regular hours?  Do you do all-nighters when Inspiration hits?  Do
    your painting ideas come to you in your dreams at night?

    " Chip and I work most hours. We do take walks, or bike rides,  garden, xcski, kayak, or in some way do something  "fun"  
    everyday,  but mostly we are in the studio doing art.  It is our life.  Inspiration hits me all the time, all day long.  I need to sleep
    at  night.  I have usually earned it.  And, no, I do not have practical dreams where Paintings paint themselves while I sleep."
    BUT, Can you really  
    " If you mean do I use
    chiaroscuro, light and
    shadow, for a
    photographic effect,
    it doesn't interest me
    much. I like strong
    graphic line and  flat
    blocks of color, and lots
    and lots of pattern, and
    painting with glaze IS
    Do you have children? Grandchildren? No, by choice,
    and fortunately, with only few occassional regrets.
"NO. I can make a
living doing what I
love, painting. I don't
have time enough to
paint all the ideas I
have or time enough
to explore all the
amazing color
WHY do art?
Because art allows me to think about, own, play with,
arrange, mix, and smear about paints. Paint, color, paint,
making marks,
what is more fun?
"YES. And LOVE  it!!!"
Do you
teach?  Will
you give me
Where do you get your ideas??