A few images of sculpture/furniture pieces
that not enough people ever got a chance to
see. Chip and I do a few 3D pieces every
year with the idea that one of these days we
will keep one of the "leftovers". So far we
have sold all we have made. They are sturdy
and functional. I hate "tippy" objects.  These
are not in any particular chronological order.
Guardian Angel   corner cupboard
Bird     wings and
head can move
Woman     arms
move on bolts
"Ducks in a Row"
ducks 2 sided and
reflect in glass
"Woman and birds"
arms move on bolts
birds spin
"Woman"   side holes
hold planters
"Bird"  wings hinge
glass wing inserts
head turns
"Dog" side table and
magazine storage insert
"Mermaid" on a wave.
Head ,fish turn. Tail
hinges. Arms move on
"Mother Nature"  arms can be
repositioned.Chest and skirt
are functioning cupboard
"Frida's Friends"
Exotic woman
Porcelain hands,
mirror,glass head
T.V. cabinet